Easy-to-Clean is a Key Feature in New Townhomes for 2020

Oct 8, 2020

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It is a beautiful thing when design and function go hand in hand in new townhomes. But if 2020 has taught us anything, a third element needs to be added to that equation: safety.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we function, and some design elements need to change along with them.

One area where we see the pandemic have an impact on customer desires is the trend toward requesting clean and wipeable surfaces.

New Townhomes, New Priorities

A recent study by one of America’s largest homebuilders found—when asked to rank features when buying a new home while considering the impacts of COVID-19—nearly 30 per cent of respondents said easy-to-clean surfaces were the most important feature.

Kitchen and dining area in a new townhome

This means elements and finishes that will not trap dirt or become difficult to clean.

Dunpar Homes new townhomes in Toronto and pre-construction townhomes in Toronto have features and finishes that work well for the COVID-conscious buyer.

Easy-to-Clean Kitchens

Dunpar’s luxury townhomes boast kitchens that are not only visually stunning and designed with function in mind, they also feature easy-to-clean surfaces.

Our smooth granite kitchen countertops include an extended eight-inch granite backsplash. They are beautiful, durable and are easily wiped free of anything that might leave bacteria.

New townhomes at Dunpar feature stainless steel appliances and granite counters

The stainless-steel top-mount double-bowl sink resists bacteria and means you always have one sink for dirty dishes and one available to use.

The chrome single-lever faucet with pull-out vegetable spray makes cleaning those vegetables you just brought home from the market a breeze.

Dunpar Homes’ new townhomes in Toronto and pre-construction townhomes in Toronto boast what we called the Dunpar Advantage. That includes all stainless steel appliances. Clean, smooth, and easily sterilized.

Wipeable Surfaces

With several people sharing a home, especially during long quarantines and lockdowns, it is imperative bathrooms be disinfected regularly. Dunpar Homes feature bathrooms with marble countertops and ceramic floor tiles.

The large soaker tubs are easy to clean, and the ceramic tiles in showers can be wiped or sprayed down quickly.

Disinfect at the Door

The global pandemic also has people looking closely about what they are tracking into the home and how quickly they can clean up and disinfect before entering the rest of the home.

Bathroom view of granite counters

When you enter our Executive Standard townhomes, you immediately find a powder room directly upon arrival from the front door or through the private garage entrance. This means you can sanitize or even change clothing the minute you arrive home. Guests to your home can also immediately wash their hands upon arrival.

Washable Floors

Dunpar Homes feature natural oak stair treads and risers, which make sweeping or mopping easy.

Our homes have 3 1/8” engineered hardwood flooring throughout the main floor and upper hallway, except in the kitchen where the floors are 13”x13” ceramic tiles. No vacuuming or carpet cleaning required!

Upper bedrooms can also be upgraded to hardwood flooring.

Commitment to Quality

At Dunpar Homes we are committed to using quality materials and modern design, with finishes that will last.

We are proud to offer our Dunpar families a suite of features that set Dunpar Homes apart and guarantee The Dunpar Advantage.

To find out more about our new townhomes in Toronto, pre-construction townhomes in Toronto, new townhomes in Etobicoke, new townhomes in Mississauga and other upcoming projects, please register online or call (416) 236-9800.

You can see 3D and Virtual Tours of  Dunpar Homes on our website, as well as floorplans and feature details.

To see which units are still available, contact our sales team at info@dunpar.ca or call 1 (416) 236-9800

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