3D Tours

Better By Design

Executive Townhome Model

Take a virtual tour at one of our Executive Standard townhomes. This spacious townhome features contemporary design and luxury finishes. Its many windows capture the natural light on all levels, making this townhome a comfy place to enjoy your days. The balcony is excellent for enjoying your morning coffee or having dinner with your partner or friends.

Back-to-Back Townhome

This Standard Back-to-Back townhome features extravagance and expert design. Thorough planning is put in every detail and the spacious, airy, and versatile open-concept rooms give this home a contemporary feel.  Now you can enjoy cooking, eating, and watching movies all in one space. Watch the video to get a detailed virtual tour of this Standard Back-to-Back townhome.

Executive Standard Townhome – 3D Tour

Explore our Executive Standard townhome in 3D. You can see all of this townhome features in more detail, take measurements of everything you need, and view the floor plan on every floor. With the 3D tour, you can better visualize this townhome and see if it fits your needs.

Standard Back-to-Back Townhome – 3D Tour

Explore our Standard Back-to-Back townhome in 3D to better visualize the house and see if it offers everything you’re looking for. You can explore all of the features of this townhome in more detail, take measurements of everything you need, and view the floor plan on every floor.

Isn’t It Time For Dunpar Home?

Buying a new home is one of the most significant financial investments you’ll ever make, but it’s also where you invest in your lifestyle. A home that’s solidly built, well-designed with low maintenance, and beautiful aesthetics will hit all the checklists you might have. So, if you want to live in a community built on the fundamentals of sound, sustainable living with easy access to shopping centres, schools, parks, highways, recreation centres, and natural greenspace, it’s time to invest in your new Dunpar home.