Top 6 Wallpaper Trends Designers Are Loving

Jul 17, 2016

Top 6 Wallpaper Trends Designers Are Loving featured image

Wallpaper has come a long way over the decades.

Patterns have changed, functionality has changed and application has definitely become easier. Wallpaper can add dimension and whimsy to any room.

Current trends look toward charming patterns, birds and butterflies, textures and decadent sparkling finishes. Scale is on the larger side, and wallpapering is no longer just for a single standout wall.

Wallpaper is paired with contrasting skirting boards and brightly painted woodwork. The contrast is a fantastic way to marry heritage patterns in a modern way.

Here are some popular wallpaper trends that are tops on designers’ lists:

  1. Freedom of expressionIt seems that one trend isn’t overpowering others. Designers are encouraging people to be more creative and bold in design, and that includes wallpaper design choices. Whatever makes your home and heart sing is what is working. Bright colours and big, bold patterns are included!
  2. Large and mural inspiredWallpaper that has big, bold patterns or looks like a mural is very “in” these days. It is dramatic and adventurous. It can be perfect for a themed room, which many kids’ rooms are these days.
  3. Mix and match clashNot everything has to match – not even wallpaper patterns. Actually, clashing patterns are a big trend right now. But these patterns are in more pastel shades, so not so stark and “in your face.”
  4. Geometric gemsWallpaper with geometric designs are fun and unique. If you’re in line to buy a townhome and visit some open houses, you might see these kinds of patterns. Gone are the minimalistic trends of the early 2000s. Geometric designs are enticing people to be much more creative and bold with their interior designs. Texture and tone-on-tone colours are fashionable.
  5. ArtisticWhether you want to buy a townhome or any dwelling, you’ll be delighted to know that you can infuse your living space with as much character as you please and still be in line with current design trends. Some wallpaper patterns actually look like art pieces. Designers are gravitating toward dark, moody looking patterns that are deep and lavish. These patterns are sophisticated and look splendid with deep-coloured wood and door frames.
  6. DigitalIn this technological age, it was only a matter of time before decor trends reflected all things digital. These digital designs come in all colours and pattern sizes, although big and vibrant are among favourites.
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