Tips For Creating A Stylish And Elegant Living Room

Dec 15, 2016

Tips For Creating A Stylish And Elegant Living Room

It’s usually the living room that is the showpiece of a home. Creating a stylish, elegant space that is reflective of your style is easier than you think.

These days, with space at a premium, homeowners want to make sure that in addition to style, living areas are also functional and comfortable – a place to get away from it all.

Colour It Right

Choosing a neutral tone for your living room might be a good idea. Let the accents in the room, like pillows, draperies and area rugs, give the space the splash of colour it needs. By choosing a neutral tone for the wall and furniture colour, it will be more cost efficient when you want to change up the colour of your accents. Think of colours like cream, beige and green tones – natural and clean.

Your Own Taste On The Walls

Art prints and photographs really add punch to living room walls without breaking your pocketbook. The pieces you choose can also reflect your personality. Art really does bring other elements of the room together. An oversized piece of art can create a focal point in the room on which you can build the rest of the design.

Pattern Play

Having everything matching is passé in design. Mixing pattern themes is easy if you remember to stick to the same colour theme. Circles, squares and zig zags all can live in harmony if they’re sympatico on the colour wheel.

Remember Scale

Furniture should be reflective of a living room’s size. Sticking an oversized sectional into a small space can make guests feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable – the antithesis of elegant and stylish. Keep the space feeling light and airy. Less is more in this respect.

A Space Within A Space

If your home has a large living room, carving out a niche within the overall space can be truly charming. For instance, creating a reading nook in a corner near a window would be an ideal situation for rainy day reading.

A Mix Of Old And New

Classic, retro pieces of furniture often go well with their modern-day cousins. For instance, a vintage chaise lounge paired with a modern sofa can be very chic and elegant, especially when the right accents are added, like oversized throw pillows, vintage lampshades and antique throws.

Remember – your living room is your space. Use your imagination to turn into a refuge of understated elegance.

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