Small Tricks To Increase Natural Light In Your Home

Aug 30, 2016

Small Tricks To Increase Natural Light In Your Home

Maximising the natural light in your home is not only economical, in that you save energy and lower your electricity bill, but also enjoyable, since it brings out the beauty of your furniture and fabrics, giving an instant boost to your immune system and mood. So, here are a few ideas to increase natural light in your rooms:

  1. Clear the space around your windowsWhether you have one or multiple windows in your house, you can easily optimise their ability to let in natural light by simply opening them fully. You also need to move tall and bulky furniture and other items so they don’t cast shadows in the rooms, allowing the light to penetrate as deep as possible.
  2. Place mirrors strategicallyWell placed mirrors and other reflective surfaces can easily multiply the reach of natural light. To maximise the effect, consider hanging mirrors, reflective glass, or shiny metals on west- and east-facing falls where they can get full sunshine for half the day. Also identify how beams of light move in your rooms and place mirrors or reflective surfaces in the pathways to disperse light to the rest of the home.
  3. Use appropriate window treatmentsThe problem with natural light in most rooms is that there is too much of it for half the day, especially when your windows are facing east or west, so you have excess light in the mornings and evenings while there is barely any during the rest of the time. To balance the amount of light coming through, use window treatments to block some of the light when it is blinding, and draw them during the rest of the time so you don’t obstruct the light.
  4. Use light interior coloursWhen painting your walls or buying furniture, choose white and lighter shades that reflect natural light, rather than darker colours that absorb it. Besides the walls and furniture, carefully choose your rugs since the floor receive plenty of light as well. You can get a grey or white shag rug, or cover existing tile with an inexpensive white alternative.
  5. Clean your windows regularlyEven when the path of light is not obstructed, and you have plenty of reflective surfaces, it is still important to ensure that you have a clean source of light. Just like your car headlights, windows can accumulate dust and dirt that reduce light penetration. Consider cleaning your windows at least once a month to maximise natural light.

Lastly, if you have a little more room in your budget to be flexible with, you may consider removing or replacing some doors with French interior doors to avoid closing off certain areas of your house.

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