Kids’ Room Designs: Fun, Lively And Timeless

Dec 22, 2016

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Kids’ bedrooms should be reflective of their personalities. Every kid needs his or her own space and you can have fun including them in creating their own timeless and fun bedrooms.

Kids love to be involved when it comes to making choices for their personal spaces. Thinking about creating a space that can easily be changed as children grow, is a wonderful, cost-effective idea.

Temporary Transfers

A trend that has been gaining popularity for kids’ rooms is removable wall decor. Designs can be found in many themes and as your child’s tastes change, so can the transfers! For instance, you might start off with a Teddy Bear theme and change to a Safari theme in your child’s later years. Changes are as easy as that with transfers.

A Place To Show Off Their Creative Sides

All kids love to create, and having a spot in their rooms to showcase their artistry would be the perfect addition to their bedrooms. A piece of inexpensive galvanized steel would make a wonderful magnetic board for kids to show off their creations. It can be found at any hardware store.

Light It Up

In addition to regular overhead lighting, children might like to have more muted light sources by way of reading or nightlights. These lights can make them feel relaxed and safe – especially having a nightlight, which can match the room’s theme.

Colour It Timeless

Choose a colour theme for your child’s room that you won’t have to change every couple years. Accents can be changed easier than wall colours. Light grey or fawn would do well for a boy or a girl. It’s important the colour grows with the child and will still work, as the child’s tastes change.

Classic Pieces Of Furniture

Although you may be tempted to give in to your child’s whimsy in the area of bedroom furniture, let him or her have more of a say in accents. Keep furniture pieces classic. Stay away from the Spider Man or Cinderella beds. You’d do better to buy pieces that will continue to complement the room as your child gets older.

Safety And Style

When choosing the accessories in kids’ rooms, safety is of the utmost concern. Instead of choosing glass shelving, perhaps Lucite would be a better choice. Some children are climbers and the last thing you would want is shards of glass everywhere. Make sure to anchor things securely to walls. After all, kids will be kids!

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