In The Spring of Things: Updating Your Home

Feb 26, 2016

In The Spring of Things: Updating Your Home

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to not only get rid of dated clothing items and the contents of junk drawers, but also dated home décor. So often we keep home décor long past its expiry date, and this can age the look of your house. This spring, resolve to get rid of out of style home décor items, and spruce up your interior! Here are a few easy, inexpensive ways to get on trend this spring!

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Mixed Materials

Though simple and clean kitchens have been in style for the past few years, the times have changed. For 2016, its all about eclecticism, and mismatched accents. Think vintage rubs, subway tile backsplashes, and reclaimed wood. This look brings a sense of warmth back into the kitchen, and allows for a little bit of clutter to be passed off as charming décor!


Fine Dining

2016 is going to be about brining the formality back to the dining room. The sit-down family dinner is making a comeback with a flourish of elegance. So don’t pass on your Grandmother’s antique dining room furniture just yet, because old-time refinement has returned. In the past decade, homeowners have been opting to turn their dining rooms into offices, media rooms, or even spare bedrooms depending on the space. We encourage you to keep your dining room and revamp its look, or reintroduce a dining room back into your home!


Statement Mirrors

A plain old rectangular mirror can make any space look bigger, better, and even add elements of light. We’re thrilled to see that statement mirrors are on trend for 2016! This is the perfect way to update or breathe life into an outdated washroom, or other small space. Mirrors are also fantastic, because they go with essentially any colour or design scheme. A statement mirror is a simple and one-step way to totally change up the look and vibe of a room.

Low-Tech Living

It seems as though everything is automated, electronic and instantaneous these days. That’s why as it comes as a surprise, although a nice one, that it seems that low-tech or completely tech-free living rooms are in vogue. Actually living, talking to family and friends, reading a book and disengaging for awhile, is being infused back into living rooms. Having an unplugged living space is facilitating more family time, and rekindling conversations. Take the television out of your living room and try it yourself!


Relighting The Fire

Though deemed an expensive nuisance sometimes, fireplaces, even if non-functional, are re-entering the limelight as the intended focal point of rooms. This works in tandem with the ‘low tech living’, as large screen TVs are taking a backseat to beautiful mantles and fireplaces. Homeowners are opting to arrange their furniture around fireplaces instead, and play up accents of the fireplace at the focal point of the room.


Bath-Living Room

We’ve all been in beautiful restaurants or department stores that boast washrooms that you could lounge in for hours; featuring beautiful chaise lounges, Victorian chairs, and large fabric covered stools. This trend is making its way into the home, and becoming a big trend those those re-vamping their ensuite. Turn your bathroom into a mini spa retreat, and fill it with fresh flowers and plush lounge items. This is definitely a remodel worth investing in!


Pretty Pendants

Like mirrors, adding a statement pendant is a fabulous one-step way to update an otherwise out of date room. Go for a shiny metallic hue, or work in a fun, bold colour. No matter which way you spin it, this is an easy updating fix!


Woven Wall Décor

Think 1960’s quirky aunt’s living room. Essentially, crochets flags hanging on your wall. Items like this have been taking over websites such as Etsy and making a big impact in the design world. An item like this is definitely a little more off the beaten path, but it’s definitely a great conversation piece, and seem to be really making a splash with interior design aficionados!


Geometry Class

It’s all about geometric shapes! From light fixtures to pillow shams and wallpaper. This is one of the biggest trends to blow up at the end of 2015, and it certainly only seems to be gaining popularity in 2016! Finding a fun geometric knickknack or inexpensive light fixture to add to a drab room can really modernize its look. Even a wallpapering an accent wall with a geometric print will do the trick of bringing your home into the new year!

Looking for a new home to decorate? There’s a Dunpar home with your name on it, just waiting for your personal touch! Find out more here.

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