An Update on Dunpar Operations During COVID-19

Apr 25, 2020

Dunpar house key

This spring of 2020 has been one of great change and innovation for so many, including for us at Dunpar Homes.

We continue to do business and focus on building beautiful homes of outstanding design and workmanship.

In so doing, we are complying with all government regulations and restrictions. Our Lake Shore Village project is ongoing as we have all our permits and are at the point where new homeowners can move in.

Despite the pandemic, many homeowners still need to move. They may have sold other homes or given notice on apartments and simply must relocate now. At Lake Shore they are able to do that.

The Latest on Construction

All our other sites are currently on hold as they did not meet the stringent essential requirements set forth by the province for active construction sites.

Our clients can take comfort in the fact that Dunpar’s office is fully operational and staff are steps ahead in planning for when things are finally moving again on those projects. We will not miss a beat and the pause necessitated by the virus was not time we needed to catch up on projects.

We are grateful that no one in the Dunpar office has shown signs of COVID-19, been a major risk or been diagnosed with the virus. We have taken many safety precautions in the office, however, the majority of our staff continue to work from home.

Need to Move Now?

For those looking to move in right away, we are renting units at Kingsway Village Square with the ability for immediate occupancy. Clients can view the units remotely and site visits have been organized while still observing all regulations around social distancing. Residents have been able to move in during the period of isolation, and while the moving process might take a bit longer to observe safety precautions, it is necessary to ensure the safety of all tenants and staff.

Our sales staff is still busy negotiating townhome purchases at this time. Lake Shore Village has a few units left to sell. These units are mostly built and can be ready for occupancy within a few short months of the purchaser selecting their custom elements. We have several incentives to purchasing right now, including incredible upgrades at no extra charge.

Incentives To Purchase Now

Luxury townhomes at Streetsville Centre are also available to purchase now. Our staff can meet virtually with clients and, if necessary, arrange for a private viewing of a model unit, again being cautious to follow all necessary safety precautions. Construction of the underground elements of the units had begun prior to the virus, but has been temporarily put on hold due to strict provincial regulations. Again, there are incentives to purchasing at Streetsville Centre at this time. Be sure to ask our sales person for the details regarding our Décor Centre upgrades and an exciting new mortgage program.

Our Dunpar Homes team is available to you at any time should you have any questions.

Wishing good health to all our current and future Dunpar Homes families.

Michael DiPasquale
Chief Operating Officer
Dunpar Homes 

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