Design Trends To Watch In 2017

Dec 29, 2016

Design Trends To Watch In 2017

We’ll usher in 2017 with new design trends that are all about nature and the earth. This definitely does not mean dull and boring.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. Pastels are in the forefront of colour next year. Shades of pinks and purples like blush and lavender will be taking centre stage. Decor lines are muted and take on a distinctly feminine feel, although far from being prissy.

A Mix Of Metals

Pairing those lovely shades with stronger design elements like metal will also be extremely trendy. Brass and gold have been popular over the last couple years, but in 2017 add to the mix chrome, silver and polished nickel. And there’s a new metal finish in town – white plaster. You’ll be able to see this new finish in many light fixtures next year – it’s very organic and melds well with other metals, giving spaces a very eclectic feel.

Cashing In On Cork

Keeping with the natural trends in 2017, cork will be making a comeback on the design front. This noise-absorbent material adds texture and warmth to any space. There is even talk of cork being used to fashion entire walls in a home office. It is pretty useful, too, for pinning up notes.

Valuable Vintage

No matter what trends are on the horizon, mixing a few retro pieces in with the new is always chic. Next year, though, designers are updating vintage pieces, giving them a brand new lease on life. For instance, replacing the seat on 1950s cane chair with a vibrant-coloured cushion seat and leaving the cane backing intact – a marriage of old and new. And mid-century modern furniture is still very popular with its clean, unobtrusive lines.

Functional Fabrics

Homeowners not only want style, they want functionality. And in 2017, that’s exactly what they’ll be getting in fabrics. Households with children want stain-resistant fabrics on furniture. Not only will pieces look elegant and stylish, but they’ll also be family friendly.


We are living in an environmentally-friendly age and more designers are repurposing old pieces. Upcycling – or creating something new out of something old – will become even more popular in 2017. Imagine taking an old steamer trunk and giving it a whole new purpose by adding legs to it – voila! – it’s a repurposed side table that becomes a room’s conversation piece.

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