Choosing The Right Chandelier

Feb 23, 2017

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Once upon a time having a chandelier in your home meant wealth and social standing. These days, however, it’s a fixture any homeowner can afford and should consider.

Space saver

A chandelier can be the focal point of a room, but it can also save space. Fixtures on walls may make a smaller room look cramped while a chandelier can even work in small spaces like a walk-in closet.

Can make a room “pop”

Chandeliers can be either the main statement in a room or blend in with their surroundings. Either way, it’s going to get noticed, so choosing the right one can really make a room shine, figuratively and literally!

Designers use this rule to calculate the correct chandelier height: allow two-and-a-half to three inches for each foot of ceiling height.

What you should look for

In addition to size, there are two things to keep in mind when choosing the right chandelier: the direction of the light (you don’t want glare, you want sparkle) and controlling the amount of light (dimming capabilities).

Not just for the dining room

Once reserved for formal spaces, chandeliers can be used in any room. In fact, one of the most popular rooms chandeliers can be seen in today is the bedroom. Chandeliers are known for their ambient or indirect lighting and the comfortable warmth they give to a space, which would be perfect for a bedroom when natural light is at a minimum.

Classic or modern design

A chandelier has to complement the room’s design. The classic style – with many “arms” and tiers – marries well with many decor styles. Chandeliers can be found in various finishes – everything from wrought iron to various metals. Modern styles can be whimsical and fun, with some casting a magical, patterned glow. The sky’s the limit when it comes to styles.

Fabulous foyer

If you have a spacious entryway, a chandelier is the light source that will make a dynamite first impression! You want people to feel welcome, but you also want the area to be reflective of your personal style. If there is a window near the front door, the chandelier should be hanging so it’s centred in the window and can be seen from outside.

Chandeliers can now fit into any style of decor. Today, they can be found not only in dining rooms and foyers, but in living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms or powder rooms. They can be as understated as they can be fancy. Perhaps it’s time to have one or more in your home!

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