Brighten Your Townhome With the Perfect Lighting

Aug 30, 2019

perfect lighting for your new townhome

Are you thinking of brightening up your townhome with some new lighting? We have some ideal solutions that will help you make your decisions. Below are a few of Dunpar Homes’ favourite methods for bringing new light into your townhome.

Decorate your room around natural lighting

Take advantage of your windows. Decorate your room so the natural light fills the room perfectly. Get rid of any tall plants or furniture that blocks the sun. If you have a couch or a set of chairs in the living room that’s across from a window align them next to the window so the natural lighting will warm you up as you sit down. Just be sure your fabric can handle direct sunlight. Some upholstery, like leather, cannot.

Use rope light as an ambient light source

Sometimes, just a little bit will do. If you need a small amount of lighting to really spruce up the place and give it a new glow all you need to do is use ambient lighting. One of the best methods for doing this is by using a rope light. It’s a simple solution with big results. Be sure to hang it appropriately, where you need the ambient light the most for maximum results.

Task lighting

One of the newest trends in home décor is to integrate one’s hobbies into the home’s décor. Use task lighting to solve two problems: provide enough space to work on one’s hobby while adding an extra layer of lighting that just works. This creates a conversation piece. Here you can discuss your hobby (and what you are working on at the moment) while giving your townhome extra lighting to live comfortably.

Use the right lighting for the mood you want in each room


Lighting isn’t universal. The lighting needs in one room are not the same as another. This goes for moods, too. Lighting plays a central part in creating the mood for every room. Think about the role each room plays and how you want your guests to feel in the room. Want to make the den a place to relax? Add ambient lighting and soft lights to create a glow that will perfectly compliment that comfy blanket and pillow.

Wall lighting and mirrors to add depth

Place wall lights and mirrors across from one another so they will both be reflective throughout the room. This creates a sense of depth that makes it feel like your townhome is bigger than it actually is. Your home will feel roomier, you will be happier, and you absolutely will have even more lighting than you did before.

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