The Best New Home Collections For 2017

Mar 21, 2017

The Best New Home Collections For 2017

With every new year comes new style ideas in home decor and 2017 designs are nothing short of alluring.

The one style aspect that’s static from year to year is homeowners wishing to have their spaces reflect who they really are and 2017 is seeing that more than ever.

Interior designers and new home builders work side by side to reflect trends in new builds and this year promises to see much more “natural” elements in design.

Warm and cold

Mixing up elements is going to be very popular this year. Think of leather and metal together like a leather sofa with a minimalist looking chrome-based coffee table and side tables. Add some copper-based lamps with linen shades and you’ve got the perfect mix of contemporary and old school.

Dressing up walls

Matching is passé this year. Buy pieces for your wall that speak to your style rather than match with everything. Cheery colours and uplifting motifs like dragonflies and butterflies are in vogue. Mixing patterns is where it’s at. There is no such thing as “too busy”. You’ll also be seeing a lot of green shades for wall colours – everything from mossy hues to lime green. Green denotes “freshness” and that is definitely what designers are going for in 2017.

Faux sure!

Faux is about much more than faux fur rugs. New home builders and designers are utilizing more faux materials for cost value and reliability. For instance, quartz that has been engineered fares better in kitchens than marble. Quartz can handle heat and acidic foods better and so has a longer life, which is something homeowners are taking into consideration.

Texture gets two thumbs up

Rather than the smooth surfaces seen the last few years on furniture and accessories, 2017 is ushering in a year of texture. Think of fan pleats on sofas and wing chairs and items made with large, brightly-coloured stitching.

Stepping up from DIY

The Do It Yourself craze has been ongoing for a few years now, but instead of “crafty” accessories, people are now choosing to spend their money on more expensive artisan pieces like blown glass, fine porcelain and one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Fold ups

Fold up appliances and even rooms are becoming extremely popular. New home builders and designers are looking closely at this trend with things like range hoods that are retractable, appliances that can be easily tucked away and rooms with moveable or hideaway walls.

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