7 Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen

Sep 28, 2016

7 Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen

Decluttering your kitchen might seem like a daunting task, however by using a few simple tips and tricks you can create a more useable space – and find room you didn’t even know you had. Knowing where everything is in your kitchen, from food to cookware, will help make preparation and cleanup easier and faster.

Below are 7 ways to get started on decluttering your kitchen:

  1. StorageKitchen-specific storage and organization devices give you better control over your kitchen storage. Lazy Susan’s, for example, are useful for organizing everything from spices to preservatives. You can also install hangers or shelving for cookbooks, oven mitts and aprons.
  2. Group together similar itemsGrouping together items with a similar purpose will help you to more locate the cookware you need, when you need it. For example, if you organize all your knives in a single, easily accessible place, you’ll be able to reach for them as you are preparing dishes. The same goes for pots and pans, cutlery and cookware. You’ll never have to dig through drawers again.
  3. Organize tupperwareMissing tupperware lids and containers could easily make your daily routine difficult. Create a single space for all your tupperware containers and lids will ensure you save time packing lunches or storing leftover food without having to search for missing pieces.
  4. Categorize foodCategorizing your food in the fridge and shelves will ensure all your food items are accessible. For example, place all your produce in a single section of your fridge, your jars and cans in another and so on with dairy, breads, meat and snacks. Another benefit of organizing your groceries is you’ll be able to more easily tell which items you’re running low on for when you go shopping.
  5. Use basketsBaskets are a great way to organize food and cookware in a way that looks visually appealing in your kitchen. Use clear metal, or wooden baskets to make your kitchen look organized.
  6. Hang itemsHanging pots and pans is a great way to not only decorate your kitchen, but also organize your most-used cookware. You can easily reach for the pan you need when you hang them in your kitchen.
  7. Gut it outThe most important decluttering tactic is to go through your kitchen and remove any old, damaged or not used items. The more room they take up in your kitchen, the more cluttered it will be.

These above seven tips will help you to purge your kitchen of all the clutter, making it easier for you to cook, clean and enjoy your kitchen.

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