6 Unique Door Handles For Your Home

Nov 30, 2016

6 Unique Door Handles For Your Home

Whether it’s for your front door, back door or bedroom, a unique door handle can be a design game-changer. Everywhere from Anthropology to Etsy to Home Depot offers gorgeous door handles that add style to any home. Depending on your tastes, you can find the perfect door handle for every room in your house.

Here’s some guidance on styles to help you figure out which unique door handle works best for your home:

  1. ModernModern door handles are generally silver. These work best in homes where you have clean lines and sleek colour schemes. Modern door handles are great because they’re perfect for any door, are easy to install and—since they are usually silver—match with most paint colours. If you’re looking for a modern door handle for your home’s front door, they can be easily equipped with a keyless entry system for added security.
  2. ClassicClassic door handles will make you feel like you’re living in a palace. They can be ornate or simple and are the door handles that have traditionally been found in most homes. Gold and brass are used to make classic door handles. Although, the amount of gold is practically non-existent.
  3. ShapesThese door handles are the most fun. Instead of a circle or rectangular device you can pull to open the door, these have birds, horses, feathers, hands—basically, anything you could want. If you’re looking for something unique, go for a shaped door handle. For kids rooms, you can have some fun and go with a dinosaur door handle or logo from their favourite sports team.
  4. VintageYou don’t have to visit an antique store to get a vintage door handle. You can have one custom made to look vintage while matching your door. Vintage door handles usually have a longer base—think Victorian style—and are made of brass.
  5. BoldIf you’re looking for an eye-catching door handle then bold is the option for you. Bold door handles work best on front doors because you have room to play with size and colour. If you have a bigger front door, you can choose an oversized handle to match. An added bonus of bold door handles is they are easy to spot and their size often makes them easy to use as well. Bold door handles can also be fitted with keyless entry.
  6. GlassWhen glass reaches its boiling point, beautiful things happen. Glass door handles can be made in any colour and are generally effervescent. They’re smooth, stylish and customarily contain brass so that they last.

If you’re looking to add a special touch to your home, a unique door handle is the way to go.

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