6 Small Upgrades That Will Completely Change The Look Of Your Kitchen

Feb 1, 2017

6 Small Upgrades That Will Completely Change The Look Of Your Kitchen

Even in the tightest of financial times, there are some things that are relatively easy on the pocketbook that homeowners can do to give their kitchens a revived look.

You don’t have to replace flooring or cabinets to make your kitchen smile again. Here are some frugal, but fantastic ways to give your kitchen that expensive-looking glow:

  1. Go for a color change – A simple change in paint color is a sure-fire way to brighten things up. “Happy” colors like yellow or cream not only lift the mood in a kitchen but can also make space look larger. If you’re really wanting a big impact, repaint the cupboards as well as the walls. Lighter color paint is great for hiding imperfections as well.
  2. Replace hardware – Do you know those old knobs and door pulls you’ve had on your drawers and cupboard doors for decades? Replacing them will instantly make older look newer; and with a great choice in hardware today, you can create a more traditional or a more whimsical feeling.
  3. A new lease on light – Light fixtures can get tired too. You might consider a chandelier. They’re not made just for dining rooms anymore. A unique light fixture will go a long way to giving your kitchen a very unique look – a testament to your personality.
  4. Dress is up with art – If you’re creative, hanging your own artwork in your kitchen will give it an added dimension of being your personal space. If not, there are a number of available pieces on the market. Maybe you have a creative family member or friend whose artwork you’d like to showcase. Be daring and go big and bold! The kitchen is a terrific spot for that.
  5. Swap accessories – Replace that fruit bowl with a large ginger jar or trade-in those old canisters for new glass jars or go the other way – trade in your glass jars for retro canisters. Use your imagination. Everything doesn’t have to match. Make it an unusual, eclectic space.
  6. Hang simple shelves – In addition to giving you added storage space, simple shelving on walls will give your kitchen a perfect place to highlight items you want people to see – like a special collection you’ve been amassing for awhile. Rustic shelves on simple metal brackets will do the trick. They’re inexpensive and easy to install.
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