5 Tips For Decorating A Small Room

Sep 7, 2016

5 Tips For Decorating A Small Room

Decorating a small room might seem like a challenge. However, despite a lack of stuff, there’s plenty of room for creativity in your interior design.

There are many simple techniques you can use to make your small space appear larger. You can accept the cozy-feel of your small room and decorate accordingly, but if you’re looking to make your room appear more open and spacious, these simple tips are sure to help.

  1. Use MirrorsMirrors are used by many interior designers to make a room look bigger, or to bring attention to certain aspects of a space. As a general rule, the bigger the mirror the better. However, you should be mindful about what will be reflected in the mirror. Will it show adjacent rooms? Will it reflect direct sunlight? Will it highlight a chandelier, staircase, chair or another creatively curated area of your room? These are all questions to consider when choosing a place for your mirror.
  2. Multi-use storage furnitureMulti-use storage furniture, such as beds, tables, shelving units and more are incredibly useful for storing and organize items. These pieces don’t take up much space, and make your space multi-purpose. Invest in a bed with drawers underneath or above, or use shadow tables that can be easily tucked away when you’re not using them. As well, floating shelves are a great way to store items without taking up space.
  3. Use whiteWhite and neutral colours are a standard choice for interior designers looking to make a room more spacious. These colours, accompanied by pops of colour, open up a room. White and neutral colour will reflect light, and adding in pops of colour will help bring a vibrancy back to the room.
  4. Hang curtains highThis is a classic trick for making ceilings appear higher. Hanging your curtains about 2 inches down from the ceiling will make your window appear more open. When looking at the curtain and window, your eye will view the ceiling as being much taller than it is in reality.
  5. Use patternsPatterns, like stripes, organized strategically in your room are a known way to make the space look larger. Vertical stripes will make your room appear wider, and taller, much more spacious.

Using these tips will help you to create a more spacious, inviting room that will help you to live more comfortably and impress your guests. Each of the above tips will help you to better design your small bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, office and more with flair.

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