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Jan 17, 2022

The luxury of living in a home you love has never been more important. The last few years have seen us connect in new ways with our living spaces and our communities. Kingsway Village Square is emerging as a desirable choice for discerning Toronto residents seeking stress-free living at an elite address.

Season's Greetings From Dunpar

A Market in Flux

The volatility of the Greater Toronto Area housing market in the past few years has left many people disillusioned about purchasing a property in the GTA. Bidding wars and over inflated valuations on properties has whipped the market into a buying frenzy. Multiple offers on properties that ultimately sell for tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars above asking. Rather than getting caught up in this fluctuating market, many people are opting to rent instead. Some are hoping to ride out the roller coaster market and make a sound decision once real estate prices have corrected, while others are rejecting the idea of long-term mortgages and home ownership altogether.

No Interest in Rising Rates

Others still are choosing to rent rather than subject themselves to the volatility of not only the real estate market, but also mortgage interest rates. The inevitability of a bidding war in an effort to purchase a home has forced many to max out their borrowing ability, leaving little room to accommodate an increase in interest rates. Renting a luxury condo in Toronto such as Kingsway Village Square eliminates that uncertainty. You know your living costs are consistent and reliable before you ever move in.

No Unpleasant Surprise Costs

Perhaps one of the more concerning trends to come out of the highly competitive Toronto housing market has been the move away from certified home inspections. Buyers eager to appear attractive (and less difficult) to sellers are now waiving any inspection that might flag to them to large and costly issues with a property.  Those unexpected repairs can force a homeowner into tens of thousands of dollars in debt. When you rent a Toronto luxury condo at Kingsway Village, that is a stress that you simply don’t have to deal with. You know your living cost remains constant month to month and large repairs are not for you to worry about.

No maintenance

Our goal at Kingsway Village Square is to help make your life as easy and stress-free as we possibly can. With that in mind, we take care of much of the maintenance that homeowners spend a lot of their time and money dealing with on a weekly, if not daily, basis. This means never having to cut the grass or maintain the garden. It means never having to shovel and salt a driveway. Forget about dragging garbage cans and recycling to the curb. No raking leaves or clearing gutters. We’ve got all that covered. You just go live your best life in the comfort of your luxury rental condo.

Covered Parking

And while all your friends are either shovelling their driveway or scraping their car in the morning, you’ll take our elevator straight into our warm, covered parking garage where your vehicle awaits you; snow-free and under video surveillance.

Safety is a Priority

In addition to our secure, covered parking we have 24-hour security service and a controlled-entry building. That being said, The Kingsway area is one of Toronto’s safest communities.

Covered Parking

Concierge Service
Whether you’re arriving home or heading out on the town, there’s someone to greet you and help with anything you might need or answer any questions you may have. Our concierge is on site and able to help with everything from restaurant reservations to taxi services, dining referrals to walking trail recommendations.

Rooftop Patio

However, you may not want to go out to dine at all. Especially once you’ve seen our rooftop patio reserved exclusively for residents of Kingsway Village Square’s luxury condos. The rooftop’s elegant design affords stunning views over the tree-lined streets of the exclusive Kingsway neighbourhood.

Valuing your Health

Our goal at Kingsway Village Square is to make your life as carefree as possible to give you time to focus on the things that really matter to you. This is the true luxury of luxury living. If, for you, this means taking time to focus on your health, you don’t even have to leave home to access our state-of-the-art fitness facility. Open 24 hours a day, you can get to your work out at a time that suits your lifestyle, with no waiting to sign up for machines.

Party Room

Time shared with family and friends has never been more precious or valued than over the last few years. Our luxury condos at Kingsway Village Square feature spacious kitchens, but if your gathering is a bit larger, or you just want to host a party outside of your residence, we have a purpose-designed Party Room for special occasions. Featuring comfortable couches, a fireplace, a large marble bar and a well-appointed kitchen, the space is elegantly styled for your family gatherings or cocktail parties.

A Specialty Suite for Guests

Many of our residents have downsized their homes but not the size of their extended families. They have friends and family that come to visit and stay in our specialty guest suite exclusively reserved for overnight rentals by our Kingsway residents. You have access to guest rooms without having to own a large home where those guest rooms sit largely unused.

Travel without Worry

One of the most attractive features of a Toronto luxury condo rental at Kingsway Village Square is that it can be a lock-and-leave lifestyle when you need it to be. If you travel, whether for work or pleasure, you don’t need to worry about the safety or security of your home. In fact, we offer an array of à la carte services geared at those who live a busy lifestyle. These include dog walking, plant watering and mail collection. And if you do have a furry friend, we even have a dog washing station on hand to keep your pooch and your condo clean.



An Address to Be Proud of

Take a walk around Kingsway Village Square and you will quickly see why it is a jewel among luxury condo rentals in the GTA. The area known as The Kingsway is among the most elite addresses in the Greater Toronto Area. With a reputation for exclusive high-end shopping and excellent dining, your friends will want to come to your end of town for an evening out.

Elite Education

Your address at Kingsway Village Square also means you are entitled to access some of the best educational institutions in the Greater Toronto Area. The Kingsway has a reputation for outstanding schools, including the Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, established as the first school in Etobicoke nearly a century ago. There are also public and Catholic elementary schools as well as a Catholic highschool. Finally, the area is home to to the elite private academy, Kingsway College School.

Rich in History and Nature

The tree-lined streets around the Kingsway are winding and picturesque with stately homes and large stone mansions similar to those seen in the Bridle Path and Forest Hill areas of Toronto. The average price of a detached home in The Kingsway tops more than $2.9 million dollars. The area’s history has also formed its landscape as the Kingsway Garden subdivision grew up along the banks of the Humber River in the early 1900s. It was designed with winding streets meant to represent a wooded retreat. The sense of nature remains to this day in the community of which Kingsway Village Square is a part.

The advantages of living in an Etobicoke luxury rental condo like Kingsway Village Square are endless. To learn more about our available suites and special offers, please visit our Kingsway Village Square website.

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