Tips For Using Floor Lamps

Oct 12, 2016

Tips For Using Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an excellent source of illumination, especially for dull corners and areas that regular lighting does not reach. Floor standing lamps are usually overlooked in favour of table lamps, yet they offer a wider range of styling, from swing arm floor lamps to torchiere, tree lamps to rustic floor lamps. They also offer more versatility in regard to their placement, from dark corners to spacious living rooms.

Reasons to mix table and floor lamps

  • To add height to the furniture landscape
  • In corners to make rooms appear more open
  • To add ambiance in living and dining rooms
  • To provide extra task lighting
  • To act as accent pieces, especially since changing the lamp shade can transform the look of your room
  • They are easily movable
  • They fit in smaller spaces like small bedrooms, hallways, and entryways

Get the most out of floor lamps

Because floor lamps come in a range of styles and sizes, they are one of the most stylish and versatile lamp options. But how can you capitalise on their attributes?

  1. Choose the style and shape of lamp that best complements the style of your existing furniture and room. For instance, a Victorian floor is not suited to modern or minimalist decor. A rectangular or oval lamp shade, on the other hand, would fit nicely against the wall, saving on space.
  2. Take your time to find a strong, well-made floor lamp that will last a lifetime. While changing the lamp shades can help you create a different look for different seasons, you don’t want to incur extra expenses replacing a floor lamp because the base was not well-finished. A quality floor lamp should have a good and heavy base that ensures stability. You can then paint, wax, or stain it, and move it around your space as you see fit.
  3. Keep proportions in mind to ensure that your accent piece stands out. For instance, a thin, spindly floor lamp will be swallowed up if placed in a room with oversized furniture.
  4. You can make neutral space feel cosy by simply adding some warm, wooden floor lamps.
  5. Take into consideration the overall colour scheme of a space when using floor lamps in different colours, to create a more layered and distinctive ambiance.

Lastly, consider buying arcing floor lamps to enjoy the beauty and warmth associated with diffused lighting coming from a corner.

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