Once Is Not Enough

Dec 19, 2018

Some of the construction team

It was in 1994, and just newly married, that Mary Anne and David Popescu started looking for their first home.  Both from Cambridge, Ontario, they had determined that they wanted to live in Toronto, but didn’t like the condominiums that were available in downtown Toronto. When they started looking for a single-family home in the west end, they happened to drive by a new Dunpar townhome project on Manitoba Avenue and, after looking at it, they determined that it had exactly what they were looking for.

As their new townhome was being built, they visited the construction site to watch work being done taking photos of themselves in their partially built house. To this day, they still remember the excitement they felt when they first moved in.

David and Mary Anne lived there until 2001 when they needed more space for their growing family and looking for an entire year, they moved into a single-family home that gave them the room they needed and a back yard for the children. Now Mary Anne, a family mediator and David, a director of television commercials, are once again at a crossroads in their lives as their children are away at university and the large home seems just a bit too big.

They immediately began looking to size down and bank some money from the sale of their large home and retire early. Hoping to find another Dunpar townhome, they discovered Lakeshore Village in South Etobicoke. Within three days they purchased their second Dunpar home and took advantage of Dunpar’s HOME program which allowed them to use the equity from their current home to pay for the down payment on their new one.

“Dunpar’s HOME program is simply terrific,” said Mary Anne. “It allowed us to make the down payment without being out of pocket. That’s quite a relief since we haven’t sold our current home yet.”

Lakeshore Village Ground Breaking Team

David and Mary Anne were thrilled to be part of the Official Groundbreaking event for Lakeshore Village in October and will once again make several trips to the construction site watching as their new townhome grow until they move in.

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