What Makes a Townhouse Luxury?

Jul 15, 2016

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Often times, when people think of “townhouse” they don’t get the best visual. Tiny yards, stacked rooms and loud neighbours are things many of us associate with these types of residences. There is a way however to have both – a city townhouse and a luxurious place to live. What is it then that makes a townhouse luxury? The list below outlines some things that you should consider when purchasing a luxury townhome.

Views & Light

Natural light is something that instantly uplifts your mood. Having an interior space that is filled with natural light is a feature you should look out for. Not only is it great while you’re living in it, but the resale value is high. What about the views? Are you facing another building or can you see parks, trees, or the city skyline? Ensuring the view will be protected is an important question to ask as well. There’s nothing more frustrating than moving in only to see a skyscraper getting put up a few months down the line.


The higher the better! 14-foot ceilings are a fast way to turn the mainstream into luxury. Soaring ceilings are highly (no pun intended) sought after and will gain the adoration of your friends, as well as potential buyers when you’re ready to sell. Look for cubic footage rather than square footage to get an idea of the space.

Townhouse Ceiling


With so many cookie-cutter spaces being offered up, a place that is truly unique is sure to stand out. Beautiful yet practical design is the way to go, with a building that is attractive but that will also hold its look for years to come. Something that is too out there might not be valued or wanted when you’re trying to sell. Go for unique but solid.


While seemingly something we don’t think too much about, windows are a big feature in a luxury home. You might want large, floor to ceiling windows, however ensuring they are built properly is very important. They should be double-paned and heavily insulated to protect against weather and noise. Thin windows can be quite uncomfortable to live with, making the house very cold in the winter and sauna-like in the summer.


Most homes and apartment buildings are now being built with in-unit laundry facilities, however you might be surprised. This is definitely a must for any new homeowner to consider when going luxury. Builders are catching on and ensuring they provide laundry solutions that are concise and practical, often hiding them away in a closet. Ensure that your townhome is equipped with one.

Features and finishes are ways in which a home really stands out against something mainstream, but the above mentioned list is a good place to start when determining where you draw the line between regular home and luxury townhouse. Contact us for more information.

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