Liven up Your Condo With These Furniture Pieces

Aug 29, 2019

best furniture for your condo

No matter what type of floorplan you have for your condo, it’s always a good idea to maximize your space. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for furniture that takes up too much real estate. Below are a few of Dunpar Homes’ favourite furniture pieces.

Compact armchairs

Believe it or not, the days of full-sized armchairs being the norm in the GTA are coming to an end. Because homes with smaller spaces are becoming the norm, compact chairs are more widely available than ever before. Consider choosing compact armchairs that are darker: this makes them look smaller and even more compact than they really are while giving your space a more lively and spacious feel.

Storage ottoman


Having an ottoman is incredibly convenient to have around the home. When guests come over or you just want to lounge around for an afternoon, an ottoman is the perfect solution. What’s more perfect and convenient than an ottoman, though? A storage ottoman!

These ottomans usually feature deep storage spaces so you can store essentials such as blankets and pillows, board games, toys, etc. to keep out of the way. When space matters you need to make every corner count.

Sofa bed

When you want to utilize multi-purpose furniture into your condo the best place to start is with the tried and true sofa bed. While you shouldn’t buy it for your primary bedding (unless you enjoy sleeping on a sofa bed) it’s perfect when you have guests and normally wouldn’t have a place for them to sleep. Plus, you’d never know it was a sofa bed! They look just as eye-catching as a normal sofa so seriously consider integrating them into your home.

Compact multi-purpose coffee table

Another must-have to bring new life to your home is a multi-purpose coffee table. This will allow you to store miscellaneous items you may not have a place for: books, awards, personal items you don’t have a place to store elsewhere. Plus, this type of coffee table is compact making it the perfect use of space.

Wall bookshelves save serious space

If you have a lot of books or even items you want to display but cannot find a place for them, seriously consider adding wall bookshelves into the mix. Not only do they look keen and save serious space, they also look sophisticated. It’s not every day you see a large bookshelf on full display on a wall: make it happen and have another conversation starter in the home.

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