Is Townhome Living better
than High-rise Living?

Jun 8, 2023

Affordable housing in desirable neighborhoods

For prospective homebuyers in popular Toronto neighborhoods, the allure of high-rise condominiums may overshadow other options. However, the City of Toronto is actively encouraging the development of ‘Missing Middle’ housing, which bridges the gap between detached homes and high-rise units.

Townhouses have emerged as a key part of this solution, providing affordable housing in desirable neighborhoods and catering to the needs of young couples, families, and downsizers. In contrast to high-rise condos, townhomes offer a more intimate living experience, a sense of community, and immediate occupancy. Dunpar Homes’ Lambton Towns development is a prime example of this ‘Missing Middle’ solution.

Advantages of High-Rise Condos:

High-rise condos boast several advantages, including convenient locations near transit, proximity to amenities and employment opportunities, and a low-maintenance lifestyle. Additionally, these buildings often offer a wide range of amenities, from deluxe gyms to stylish party rooms, enhancing the overall living experience for residents.

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Disadvantages of High-Rise Condos:

Despite their benefits, high-rise condos also present certain drawbacks. Buyers of pre-construction condos may face a waiting period of several years before they can move in. Additionally, the reliance on elevators can be inconvenient for transporting strollers, pets, or large purchases. Condo fees can be high, covering amenities that residents may not utilize fully. Finally, large buildings can make it challenging to foster connections with neighbors and build a sense of community.

The Preferred Choice: Townhome Living:

Townhomes have emerged as the preferred choice for many individuals who desire a more intimate living environment, their own front door, and street-level access. They offer ample space for families or home offices, promote neighborly interactions, and eliminate the wait associated with high-rise condos.

Financial Advantages and Low Maintenance:

Townhomes provide similar financial advantages to detached homes but at a more affordable price point. They are designed with energy efficiency in mind and feature shared walls that minimize heat loss. Maintenance requirements are typically lower compared to high-rise condos, with homeowner fees covering shared upkeep, such as landscaped areas and interior streets, but at a fraction of the cost associated with larger buildings.

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Dunpar Homes’ Lambton Towns:

Projects such as Dunpar Homes’ Lambton Towns are providing one of these opportunities to enjoy low-rise townhouse living in a sought-after city neighbourhood. The collection of 96 back-to-back townhouses at 2650 St. Clair Avenue West is set in a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood rich in amenities, with the 512 St. Clair streetcar stop just a six-minute walk away, and subway and TTC buses and major roadways nearby.

The Lambton Towns are built with quality and durability in mind, so homeowners can take pride in their investment for years to come. The exteriors are modeled on English Georgian Manors, utilizing genuine Custom Natural Indiana Limestone features and planter boxes crafted with ledger rock Kingston Hue Stone. Landscaping is designed to enhance the exterior design.

Homeowners don’t have to share outdoor space with anyone else – each of the homes has a private rooftop terrace. There’s no need to go to a large underground parking garage to get the car as each home comes with its own parking space.

Interiors feature open-concept main-floor layouts with 9½ foot ceilings on the main level and 9-foot upstairs. Each home is 1,569-square feet with three bedrooms and two baths. The features included as standard at Lambton Towns would be sold as upgrades at many other projects: gourmet kitchens with granite kitchen counters with granite backsplash, ceramic floor tiles and under-cabinet valence lighting. Bathrooms have marble countertops, choice of ceramic wall and floor tiles and oversized mirrors.

Dunpar Homes has established a reputation as a premier builder specializing in luxury townhomes, thus has the expertise to create sought-after ‘middle missing’ solutions in urban neighbourhoods. Dunpar has been building superbly designed and architecturally unique homes and communities across the GTA. It has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the evolving industry by offering homebuyers comprehensive tools to help them achieve their ownership goals.

For more information on The Lambton Towns, click here.


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