Great Ideas for Decorating Your Condo on a Budget

Jul 29, 2019

condo ideas for decoration

Decorating your condo doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Not only is it possible to make your condo look at its best, while sticking to a budget, it will still be just as much of a reflection of yourself as it would be if you were to spend a considerable amount on your home’s décor. Below are a few of our favourite tips for decorating your condo on a budget. Try them out, and breathe new life into your home!


Scoff at the idea of boring décor because ultimately there is no such thing. You may have been considering throwing out some of the décor you’ve used in the past and trading it for newer, fresher decorations. Don’t do it. Instead, work with what you’ve got. For example, if you have a few end tables that you have no idea what to do with, consider placing them at the entryway of the home.

Place a plant or an antique book/decoration on the end table to give it a new look, new function, and new placement. What was old and boring is new and chic once again. That’s the power of adding accessories to your décor – and one of the best ways to give your old décor new purpose!

Plants are a great cheap way to decorate

Speaking of plants, there is arguably no better and less expensive way to redefine the rooms of your condo. Plants are versatile because you can do so many things with them: hang them from the ceiling, place them on the ground, even on a bookshelf.

Plants are fair game anywhere in the home as well. From guest bathrooms to ferns hanging above the heads of your guests in the family room there’s no place where plants truly do not belong. They also provide more oxygen to your spaces, allowing you to think more clearly and be in a better mood!


Look like an intellectual by showcasing the arts

Don’t keep those books in storage just because you don’t have a place for them. There’s something satisfying yet familiar about displaying books for décor purposes. If you have an empty corner of a room and have no idea what to do with it, consider adding a bookshelf and displaying books that showcase the intellectual you are. For example, if you have a collection of textbooks and reading material aligned to your career and who you are as a person, feel free to put them on display.

Alternatively, feel free to display your old mystery hardbacks and any books with cool covers. Don’t settle for books though. If you have eye-popping media such as vinyl records, framed pop art, and something similar to display just go for it!

Play around with mirrors and lighting

There’s nothing worse for an apartment than a dark room that feels more like a dungeon than an extra room in the home. Say goodbye to this eyesore by adding standing lamps and mirrors into the room to give it an injection of much-needed light. Don’t have room to integrate standing lamps? No worries! Hang a few lamps from the wall and place mirrors directly across from it to make your room brighter than ever! Wish you had your own home you could decorate? Reach out to Dunpar Homes today and let’s discuss the possibility of home ownership for you. You’re going to find out why we’re, ‘better by design!’

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