How Flowers In Your Home Will Better Your Life

Jul 10, 2017

How flowers in your home will better your life featured image

If you’ve ever attended an open house for a property that’s for sale, you will always see fresh flowers and plants.

That’s not a coincidence. Custom home builders know that flowers are one of the most cost effective, yet lovely ways of making a room sparkle!

Mood enhancer

When people step into a room and see a vase of beautiful, fresh flowers, smiles are instant. Whether it’s a large bouquet or a stem or two, flowers are always noticed and appreciated. And flowers can be placed anywhere and get the same reaction. They seem to create positivity in any area and are conducive to relieving stress.

Vital for vitality

There is something about fresh flowers and flowering plants that makes us feel energized. Just having them around makes us feel more joyful and exuberant. Studies have shown that if you keep fresh flowers and flowering plants in your home, you’re likely to feel more optimistic throughout the day than those who don’t!

Better air quality

Fresh flowers and plants help to keep the air clean. According to NASA scientists, there are about 50 indoor plants that destroy pollutants causing conditions like colds, allergies, headaches, coughs and fatigue. Flowers and plants purify the air while ridding the atmosphere of toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.


Forget those cups of coffee to help you fuel your creativity – flowers and plants are where it’s at! Fresh flowers and plants actually help you to come up with more innovative ideas. Do yourself a favour and get some fresh flowers or a flowering plant for your desk!

Magical memories

Flowers can bring back precious memories – especially when it comes to certain fragrances. You remember that your beloved grandmother loved roses, and having them in your home can help you recall some special times spent with her. These are the kinds of things custom home builders are aware of when placing flowers in homes for sale. They want people going through to see these lovely arrangements and think nothing but happy thoughts.

A boost to romance

Fresh flowers and plants just might ignite that romantic spark! Flowers incite not only creativity, but communication. They have the greatest ability to bring people together. Flowers make people feel more like talking, and this is a fact proven by scientific studies – just one more reason fresh flowers and plants are important additions to any home.

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