Finding A Place To Rent In Toronto

Jan 23, 2019

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If you have recently been looking for a place to rent in Toronto, then you know what a pain this can be. Never mind finding the perfect home for your situation – sometimes you just can’t find a home, period! People want to live in Toronto thanks to the opportunities provided, so what can you do to ensure that you have a place to live so you can take advantage of those same opportunities? Below are a few tips you can utilize to ensure that not only are you able to find a good home to live in, but you’ll find the perfect home suitable to your lifestyle.


Bring a blank check to viewing

Have you noticed that every time you find a place to rent in Toronto that you like, it’s already taken by the time you get around to paying for the deposit? Then you need to stop giving would-be renters the luxury of time; swoop in and rent the next unit you fall in love with by bringing a check with you to every viewing. Look, the rental market in Toronto – and for much of the GTA – is seeing more competition than in recent memory. You need to use every advantage you can to ensure you get the property that’s best for you; if you have the funds, bring a blank check so you can pay for the deposit immediately!

Surviving a bidding war

Bidding wars have been happening in Toronto real estate for decades – but because competition is so stiff you may find yourself in the middle of a bidding war for a rental. If this happens, don’t fret – instead, get educated. Before you place a bid, gather as much information as possible: we’re talking the average rate per month for similar units for rent, how many offers are currently on the table, and so on. Sweeten the deal by writing a letter and supporting your case; mention you have a deposit and the first month’s rent already in-hand for ‘X amount per month.’ This will raise the odds that you are awarded the unit since you’ve proven that you’re ready to pay immediately.

Keep an eye on online classifieds

Make a habit of looking at online classified to immediately know when there is a new place to rent in Toronto. You can use for MLS listings and places Kijiji and 4Rent for classified listed by individuals and other companies. In many cases, you will find properties you may not find anywhere else.

The Ossington has openings…

Alternatively, if the thought of doing all of these steps absolutely exhausts you then consider doing something different as you find a place to rent in Toronto: contact The Ossington.


These are brand new townhouses in Toronto that are currently looking for new tenants to move in now – and now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor. Reach out to this hot new property today, and skip all of the hard work mentioned above!

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