Dec 3, 2020

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You may know Dunpar for its high-end residential townhomes or rental projects. Did you know the company’s portfolio also includes commercial office condominiums, a growing trend on the GTA real estate scene?

Dunpar had a great response to its first two office condo projects and has more planned. For example, Jutland Square, our commercial condo at Islington and the Queensway, offers one and two-storey units for purchase that owners can combine or customize. These are ideal for graphic designers, accounting firms, real estate offices etc. with ground level and underground parking included in the price.

The office condos feature Dunpar’s quality design and construction with brick, architectural panels and masonry/precast cladding, large windows and 12-foot ceilings. Each unit has individually controlled heating and cooling.

For business operators, owning can be more affordable than leasing as you pay only for the space you own and don’t have to share costs for parking, lobbies and common areas. Instead of paying rent, your mortgage payments pay down an appreciable asset and you aren’t vulnerable to large rent increases.

Other benefits include control over the interior design of your space and input into the use and care of common space as a member of the condo corporation. You only buy the space you need or you can buy more than you require and rent out the surplus. If you’d like to know more about Dunpar’s commercial condos, we’d be pleased to tell you.

Learn more about this exciting new development on our Jutland Square project site. 

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