Dec 11, 2015

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Not all communities are created equal – a statement that’s especially true when talking about a Dunpar Homes community. Over the course of 20-something years in the business, Dunpar has crafted a signature style of home building that’s timeless, elegant, fresh and community-focused, says Lisa Rogers, VP of Design. In a free-wheeling interview, Lisa provides some valuable insights on Dunpar’s distinctive difference, the company’s approach to building homes, sales and service and the thinking behind some of their signature communities in the GTA.

How would you describe a typical Dunpar home?
It’s difficult to pinpoint that, because every Dunpar home is individually crafted to reflect the tastes and aspirations of its owners. But there are certain fundamental attributes of every Dunpar home, and they include: elegant upscale design that’s also functional, fresh exciting open concept interiors that flow seamlessly from one room to the next, expansive windows, bright and spacious layouts that offer lots of room for furniture and personalizing, and thoughtful touches like a second floor laundry.

But Dunpar builds more than just a home, it builds communities, right?
Absolutely. Starting about two decades back, Dunpar began to develop small tracts of infill land in Etobicoke, converting them into vibrant, livable, urban communities. For design inspiration, we looked to the timeless elegance of brownstones in New York, Boston and Europe, and that’s what you’ll see in our historic townhome communities all across the city. You can see it in the classical exterior details, the boxwood hedges, the colonial touches that carry on into the interiors as well.

What about landscaping and other community features?
Yes, I was coming to that. What sets a Dunpar community apart is the space outside the home. If you look at our communities, you’ll see features like a parkette, well-groomed pathways, gazebos and gathering spots. And suddenly, a community is born. People come out to walk their dogs, exchange news, catch up on neighbourhood events. The sense of belonging is beautiful, both inside and out, in a Dunpar community.

Let’s talk about service. How is Dunpar different in this respect?

Really, the core of Dunpar’s service philosophy is in knowing and respecting what our customers expect, and then giving them way more than that. And that means, from personally sitting down and guiding them through the design selection process, to using the finest materials and technologies to build their homes, Dunpar really goes above and beyond to fulfill a dream. And what’s really gratifying to us at Dunpar is that, so many of our customers keep coming back for their second, third and fourth Dunpar home.

The future looks bright and inviting! From building primarily in the city, Dunpar is reaching out to places in Mississauga and Vaughan, bringing the same signature style of design and service to those new areas. As we go forward, I can see dozens of new, vibrant and beautiful Dunpar communities across the GTA.

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