Decorating A Small Space? Check Out Custom Tiny Homes For Inspiration

Mar 15, 2017

Tiny homes provide great ideas for decorating small spaces featured image

Tiny homes can pack a BIG punch!

And when it comes to decorating, what interior designers do with these wee abodes can provide loads of inspiration when you’re looking for ideas to spruce up small spaces.

With space at a premium, smaller homes are getting to be rather popular and custom home builders find themselves fielding more questions about them. And decorators get to use their creativity when harnessing every inch of space.

The square footage of tiny homes is minimal, so using every inch of space is not only practical, it is also necessary. It’s the same with any small area in any home – looking at the giant picture will help you decorate your small space in the best way possible.

Imagination is key

Tiny homes need huge, imaginative ideas. For instance, if your bedroom doubles as a sitting area, you might consider adding a loft area above a sofa bed to use as a relaxation area for reading or meditating. Or if you have a wee kitchen space, as tiny homes do, affixing the dish rack over the sink saves valuable counter space.

Colours and scale

When custom home builders design and build tiny homes, they are mindful of paint colours used to achieve a desired spacious feeling. So, too, with small rooms. The lighter the paint and/or wallpaper colours, the more open and airy a space will feel. By the same token, choosing furniture to scale will also help the room look larger. An oversized, sectional sofa in a wee space will make the room look crowded and feel closed in. A better choice might be a couple of loveseats or a loveseat and a chair.


If the room being decorated has windows, let as much natural light in as possible. Covering windows makes the area seem smaller. And when putting up curtain rods, extend them past the window frames to draw eyes outward, creating the illusion of a larger overall area.


It would seem logical to place furniture close to wall edges in small areas, but that may not be best. For instance, a sofa, a club chair and a slipper chair forming a triangle in the middle of the room will create warmth. A smaller coffee table in the centre will complete the look.

Working with custom home builders like Dunpar Homes, will give you precious insight as to what will work best in small homes and/or spaces. Give them a call today to discuss your home building ideas!

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