The Construction Process

Jan 9, 2019

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How much time and detail goes into the process of creating one of our townhome complexes? Short answer: a lot; quicker answer: more than you can imagine. Dunpar Homes’ construction process always has the most important person of this project in mind – our residents. Our team never loses sight of who we’re building our townhome units for, and it shows in the sheer amount of effort and attention we place on every single second of the construction process. Our process is what has made Dunpar Homes a name synonymous with quality, and we would like to give you a quick rundown as to just what that process looks like.


Starting at the very beginning, our team exhaustively plans every step during the construction process. It is during this planning phase that we figure out the best way to manage, execute, and ultimately build the project of the moment. We double-check, triple-check, then check everything once more to ensure that the planning phase is being done appropriately and with the people that matter most: you.

Our professionals never lose sight of who we are building each project for: the great citizens of the GTA. Our buyers will be feeling the impact of our project long after we’ve moved onto another, so it’s important to get things right the very first time. It’s yet another reason why we’re, ‘better by design.’

The challenges

Every project has its own set of challenges. Some of them we are able to anticipate, but there are always some that we are unable to anticipate. Problems arise, and instead of making excuses our experts tackle these challenges head-on with a ferocity uncharacteristic of other builders. Whether we are battling the elements of Mother Nature by working through snow, sleet, or rain to make deadline or we find artifacts or remnants of a forgotten building, we are able to adapt and stay on schedule the best we can. The amount of time it takes to complete a project matters, and by always adapting we’re always delivering on what we promise.

Safety – for us

Being adaptable doesn’t mean that we’re more apt to work foolishly, though. Safety is everything at Dunpar Homes, and we do our part to ensure that not only are our workers performing their tasks with their best interest in mind, but we’re also educating them so they know how to be safe at all times. From providing them with appropriate safety equipment such as safety glasses and breathing masks to giving them fall protection and so much more, we take care of our important resources.

Safety – for you

By protecting and educating one set of important resources we can protect another that’s equally important: you! At Dunpar Homes, we’re not just building beautiful townhomes that look great on social media: we’re building an ecosystem for Torontonians to live their lives. We don’t take this lightly, either – which is why we are constantly educating our team of professionals on how to build with your best interest in mind. Every worker must undergo work orientations, (pre-site safety inspections) PSIs, and joint health and safety meetings to make certain that everyone in this process stays safe.

The process

For over 35 years, we have followed a process aimed at providing safe, luxury townhome living to GTA residents. It’s a process we’re proud of, and one that we’re going to follow exhaustively for another 25 years (and beyond). When you think Dunpar Homes, don’t just think quality – think safety as well. Call us at your leisure to learn more about what goes into the process of a Dunpar Homes project, and how we can help you to find your next home today!

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