Construction Comes to School

Dec 4, 2021

Alex Ladouceur once worked for Dunpar in their construction department and recently left to teach for the Durham Catholic District School Board as a construction technology teacher, recognizing the need for more young people to enter the trades in Ontario. Alex’s Construction Technology program at Archbishop Denis O’Connor high school teaches 16 and 17 year old students the basics to advanced levels of construction knowledge, preparing them for a potential career in the field. With generous financial help from Dunpar Homes’ John Zanini Foundation, the students’ final assignment is building a number of animal shelters which will then be donated to the Animal North Network One of the organization’s roles is to provide shelter for animals in Indigenous Communities in Ontario and, when completed early in 2022, these homes will go to a community near Kenora in Northwestern Ontario.

“Thanks to the John Zanini Foundation, this final project will allow the students to practice the skills learned in the program and at the same time be making an important contribution to those in need,” says Alex. “Our hope is that they will continue on this path and eventually join one of the trades in the province.”

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