The Big 5: Top Features All Homebuyers Want

Jul 28, 2016

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Whether you’re looking to buy a home in a new development or an older home that has been lived in, there are some common things that many homebuyers are looking for when searching for their new home. If you’re selling your home, it’s good to know what homeowners are looking for so you can increase your chances of not only selling your home, but also getting closer to your asking price. Homebuyers today are looking for homes that are move in ready.

Top Features All Homebuyers Want

  • Hardwood Floors

Who doesn’t love hardwood floors? Not only does hardwood match with any décor or colour scheme, they’re also easy to clean! If you have allergies then you definitely want to get rid of any carpeting in your home. A lot of newer homes are built with hardwood floors and it is often offered as an upgrade when purchasing from a builder. If you find a home you love but can’t see past the wall to wall carpeting, ask your real estate agent what’s underneath it. If you’re lucky there will be hardwood floor. A little sanding and polishing is all you need to do to get the updated, glossy look you want!

  • Modern Kitchen

As they saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Not only is it where a lot of families spend most of their time, but also it’s the room that people spend the most money on when making upgrades to. This is what makes the kitchen the largest selling feature. An updated, well-designed kitchen can give a home that wow factor that homebuyers are looking for. When moving into a new home the last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars remodelling the kitchen. Changing out old appliances for stainless steel appliances or a fresh new countertop alone can make a dramatic difference.

  • Open Concept

Newer homes are now being built to satisfy this modern and desirable architecture style. However, it’s hard to find an open concept living space in an older home unless you’re willing to knock down some walls – and spend some money! Open concept is great for families and for entertaining. You can see your kids in the TV room while making dinner in the kitchen or converse with guests as you prep hors d’oeuvres. Homebuyers are always looking for more space, and an open concept provides just that.

  • Work from Home

With more and more people working from home these days, a home office is important for many homebuyers. Even if the room is not staged as a home office, an extra room that could be turned into a home office is what homebuyers are looking for. This dedicated space is important for homebuyers because it helps those who work from home to stay focused and concentrated and avoid distractions. When staging your home, perhaps place an inexpensive desk and chair in a room to help inspire the idea of a home office.

  • Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Arranging a pre-listing home inspection reassures homebuyers that they won’t run into any unexpected surprise expenses. Creating a sense of transparency by showing homebuyers you have nothing to hide will alleviate any concerns and suspicions they may have.
If you’re having issues getting your home off the market, you may want to consider making a couple of the changes above. A little elbow grease and TLC can go a long way in improving the marketability of your home!

So, Why Dunpar?

When you buy a Dunpar home, you don’t just get uncompromising quality and superb style, you also get peace of mind. This is because every Dunpar home is backed by Tarion’s comprehensive Warranty. Each new home we build is covered under the One Year and Two Year Warranty Protection against defects in work and materials and also the Seven Year Warranty Protection against major structural defects. In addition, Dunpar’s construction quality and meticulous workmanship in many cases even exceeds Tarion’s stringent requirements! Our special niche is in building luxury townhomes of character and distinction, starting in Etobicoke and now extending to Oakville, Mississauga and Vaughan. Dunpar’s beautiful enclave communities are distinguished by elegant design, contemporary features and exquisite finishes. Every homebuyer is unique and special, which is why Dunpar works individually with every customer to reflect his or her dreams and aspirations. Quality is of paramount importance at Dunpar, along with a set of core values that include courtesy, integrity, respect, service excellence and clear communication.

Have questions? Feel free to contact Dunpar Homes to learn more!

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