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May 16, 2018

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Tucked into a quiet corner of Mississauga, quaint historic Streetsville may not sound like the epicentre of cool activities, but it is. The town’s offerings are impressive — from vast hectares of green space, golf courses, and hiking trails to architecturally significant public buildings, museums, and heritage homes, to axe-throwing venues and escape rooms.


The forested Riverwood Conservancy with its many trails is a peaceful place to walk, especially if you’re an avid bird-watcher – many species can be seen in this 60-hectare parkland located at 4300 Riverwood Park Lane. You can access Erindale Woodlands through three or four entrances, and hike along the Credit River which forms the western boundary of Streetsville.

Credit River Fishing Streetsville Memorial Park Mississauga

In the centre of town is the Streetsville Memorial Park, which has a soccer field, lit baseball diamond, arena and community centre, outdoor pool, picnic grounds, BBQs, playground, and parking. Because the Credit River diverges around a small “island” right inside the park, an iron bridge was built to take you to the tranquil spot with water all around.

If you like a little more activity while enjoying green space, there’s a golf course designed after Scottish Highland courses. Appropriately called BraeBen, it boasts some of the highest land in the city of Mississauga, with a Highlands landscape of tall grasses, smooth fairways, and bunkers to challenge the course. Located just 2 k from Streetsville.


In addition to the historic homes and storefronts of Streetsville’s main street, there are heritage sites all around the hamlet. The Leslie Log House, for example, was part of a land grant just to the north of the town. The log structure was originally the home of John and Esther Leslie who came to Upper Canada in 1824 from Scotland. It’s a rare example of early 19th century log construction, and while there have likely been additions and repairs over the decades, the original structure has been preserved.

Mississauga Streetsville Leslie Log House

In the same vein, the Old Britannia Schoolhouse is an important piece of architecture as it’s typical of the one-room schoolhouses of 1850s Ontario – this one built in 1852 – which featured segregated coat closets and entryways for boys and girls. It’s well worth a visit, but keep in mind it’s only open the second Sunday of each month.

An Egyptian Museum near Streetsville? Oh yeah. On Mississauga Rd just north of town, this museum is an easy visit — one long room with side chambers. ( It’s mostly used for education purposes, since the collection is reproductions, and soon they’ll be adding a side room devoted entirely to the art and craft of mummification.

Mississauga The Egyptian Museum

Something you may not have known is that the Mississauga Public Library system is one of the most forward thinking in terms of architecture. In the past decade it has underwritten the renovation and modernization of three of its smaller branches – Lakeview, Port Credit, and Lorne Park. Meanwhile the main library, a huge and splendid building with four floors of books upon books, is part of the Mississauga Civic Centre. Built in 1991, it reflects the postmodern architecture of the civic centre.


Streetsville has a lively pub culture, and you’re sure to find good food and pub-style entertainment any day of the week.

Franklin House Pub Streetsville Mississauga

A stone’s throw away, though, is something a little different – the Meadowvale Theatre is a great space for live theatre and the theatre offerings are upbeat and modern.

And for something completely different, try your hand at axe-throwing! The GTA’s largest venue for it – make that the world’s largest one – is Bad Axe-throwing a couple of kms away from town. They say their mission is to “bring the thrill of a traditional Canadian backyard pastime to urban communities.” You get coaching to improve your passion for throwing axes. They also offer team-building events!

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