Experience Art & Culture Near Ossington And Dupont!

Jan 16, 2019

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Art lovers living in the GTA, feel free to rejoice: there are plenty of opportunities to expand your mind and experience the art and culture that makes Toronto such an amazing place to call home. Lately, Dupont Street has become one of the most sought-after spots for art and culture – but that doesn’t mean Ossington has seen its better days of hosting galleries. Dunpar Home’s The Ossington is breathing even more life into this beloved location for art lovers. Below are some of the galleries you can view today no matter if you live near The Ossington or Dupont Street.

The Ossington

Canvas Gallery

Since 2003, Canvas Gallery has showcased a wide array of Canada’s most beloved and up-and-coming artists – and the gallery shows no signs of slowing down yet. Located at the historical Hamilton Gear Building, visitors can purchase a variety of artwork in the gallery that’s certain to bring something ‘extra’ to any space in the home. And if you live near The Ossington or a nearby pre-construction townhome, you won’t have to walk far…

Matter Gallery

The cultured minds behind Matter Gallery offer some of the most diverse artwork you’re sure to find near The Ossington. Featuring artwork from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, you’re going to fall in love with amazing photographs, tapestries, paintings, and other mediums that all prove the same point: there’s nothing more beautiful than the art of humanity. For those that wish to learn how to make their own art, Matter features regular events such as artist discussions and more to get inside the minds of the people that make the art happen.

Peter Triantos Art Gallery

Peter Triantos isn’t your typical artist. This neo-abstract expressionist artist creates breathtaking worlds inside of his paintings that use subtle yet dynamic energy and emotion to create a world inside of a painting that feels like it comes to life the longer you stare at it. Triantos’ galleries give attendees the luxury of socializing and absorbing the art on display as only Triantos can present it.

Dupont Street

Erin Stump Projects

Is this what the future of the Toronto art scene looks like? It depends on whom you ask, but amongst the strip malls and inevitable, ‘warehouse for sale,’ signs you’re bound to view, the industrious landscape of Dupont Street may seem off kilter, but it feels like the perfect home for Erin Stump Projects. There’s something raw and true about the pieces on display every time you enter ESP, and it’s never the same experience twice…

Cooper Cole Gallery

Whatever your taste, the artists represented at Cooper Cole Gallery have something that will leave you in awe. Showcasing some of Canada’s best talent across vast mediums, it represents the best of Toronto’s art and culture. With regular exhibitions regularly – with some featuring once-in-a-lifetime international artists – every visit is worth the trip.

Angell Gallery

For over 20 years, Angell Gallery has been a curator of some of the finest art in  Toronto. A staple of the art and culture scene ever since their doors first opened, Angell  Gallery takes pride in helping its artists to grow their careers in Canada as well as internationally by participating in various art fairs, such as Art Toronto. Aspiring artist that’s looking for new townhomes in Toronto? It may be worth your while to visit Angell Gallery and get acquainted with this unique art and culture scene…

Whether you visit art exhibits regularly or you want to broaden your horizons after a long day at your commercial condo, there are plenty of options available to you. Like the area so much you want to move or work there? Give us a call at Dunpar Homes right away, and we will get to work to matching you with the perfect piece of property!

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