Advantages of pre-construction townhomes vs. ready-to-move homes

Jun 3, 2019

pre-construction townhomes ideas

There are many important factors to consider when deciding the type of home you want, particularly when it comes to pre-construction townhomes and previously owned homes.

As you look for new townhomes for sale in Etobicoke, you’re going to come across these two types of homes quite often. Fortunately, there are some basic tips that can help you understand the benefits of each and help you make the right decision.

Nothing newer than pre-construction

If you’re looking for a new townhome for sale in Etobicoke, you’re going to want to look at pre-construction options. When you explore this route, you can be sure pre-construction townhomes incorporate the latest interior design trends to guarantee you’re living in a modern home. This option comes with all the shiny new appliances, which is very attractive for many people.

Are there savings?

Buying a resale townhome instead of a pre-construction option can come with some savings. This may be tempting, but the savings are usually short term. Buying an older home means signs of aging will appear sooner. Once that starts, you’re going to see extra costs for miscellaneous repairs and replacements to the home. The expenses will eventually outweigh the extra amount you saved buying a ready-to-move townhome. So, is saving money now more important than the additional expenses you’ll be paying as the home ages?

Built for you

When buying a new pre-construction townhome in Etobicoke, you’re buying a home that was built for you. You get to select the appliances, the finishes. You simply visit the sales office and look at the options available. Having your home custom-built ensures you have a space that’s just the way you want it. You can take great pride in the final results because he had your say up front.

Pre-construction townhomes

Community building

Pre-construction townhomes in Etobicoke are being built in new neighbourhoods that have all the amenities. You’re not buying in an area that is on a downward slide. This feature helps for both lifestyle—living close to shops, transit, restaurants—and investment. Buying in a new neighbourhood usually means your property values will rise quickly. Buying in when it’s cheap can make you a lot of money.

Consider the following, and reach out to Dunpar Homes to find the perfect townhome in Etobicoke for your situation!



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