How To Add More Space To A Small Bedroom

Feb 8, 2017

How To Add More Space To A Small Bedroom

It’s something every one of us wants more of in our homes – space.

If you’ve got a bedroom or bedrooms you wish were bigger, these tips will help you to create more areas to store items without the look of clutter:

Use (or create) space under the bed and in the closet

If your bed is flat on the floor, you can raise it up with wheels. Storage containers will easily slide under a bed and the best thing is they’re out of sight – especially if you use an attractive bedskirt.

You can even use the closet door to store items with over-the-door organizers and hangers. Things can also be stored above the door, inside the closet. An inexpensive pegboard with hooks would also work for things like belts and scarves.

Use dresser drawers wisely

Create areas in your drawers that make the best use of space. Drawer dividers will help you to better store your clothes. Consider removing the clothes that aren’t in season and using vacuum packing to store them in your newly-organized closet.

Give furniture more than one job

Make pieces worth their space. For instance, a small dresser might double as a nightstand or a vanity as a desk. Take advantage of wall space by putting up shelving. Use them to store books, collectibles or anything else you want to store. A floating shelf can also double as a nightstand if space is really at a premium.


Installing cabinets above your bed with lighting attached underneath solves two issues – storage space and being able to see. Not needing a lamp on your nightstand will also give you more space for something else.

Scale down furniture size

In a small bedroom, large pieces of furniture overwhelm the space. Look for pieces that aren’t as wide or deep. And a piece with a mirrored door will create the illusion of space. Additionally, turning your headboard into storage is a novel idea. By doing this you won’t necessarily need nightstands, which frees up room space.

Hide the bed

Small bedrooms are the perfect spots for wall beds. Today’s wall beds or “Murphy” beds come in all shapes and styles and are very comfortable. You can have a sitting room by day and a bedroom at night.

All of the above tips will help you to expand and organize the space in your small bedroom.

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