9 Spring Decorating Ideas

May 26, 2017

9 Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is all about freshness and newness and there is no better time of year to spruce up your space than the spring.

Following are some decorating ideas that will give you and your home the lift you and your home may have been needing for awhile:

  1. From drab to fabJust a lick of new paint can transform any room. Spring is the perfect time for adding some pastel colour to your living spaces. Mint and peach are this season’s favourites.
  2. Scenic wallpaperIf you have a large space like a foyer, using a scenic wallpaper will bring some added interest to the space.
  3. A flowery mudroomA mudroom doesn’t have to be drab. You can also arrange flowers from your garden in this space and use flower prints and vases to make the room pop.
  4. Revamp your headboardRefurbishing or recovering a headboard is not as difficult as you might think. Giving your headboard a splash of colour can revitalize the whole room. Add some whimsical wallpaper and you will look forward to going to sleep every night.
  5. Posh pillowsIf your room is pretty low key and you want to spruce it up without spending a fortune, adding some vibrantly coloured cushions might be just the ticket. You might even want to reupholster the cushions on your dining room chairs. How about in a brilliant hot pink?
  6. Kick up the kitchenBe a brave soul when it comes to colour. If you’re in the market to buy a townhome, who says you can’t ask the builder to give you pistachio coloured cabinets in your kitchen?
  7. Funky flooringNot only are floors created with different textures, but various colours and patterns too. A gray floor in a checkered pattern would make a terrific focal point in a rec room or family room. When you buy a townhome, ask the builder to give you a one-of-a-kind living space.
  8. Oversized motifsA popular wallpaper design this season is resplendent with big, showy floral motifs. This is especially attractive in small spaces like a powder room where it really packs a visual punch.
  9. Add your own creative sparkTake your own or your children’s drawings and paintings, put them in a mix of old and new frames and hang them on your walls. There is nothing more sentimental and personal than showcasing your and your family’s art in your home. They will also be wonderful conversation pieces.
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