8 Ideas For Redecorating Your Bathroom

Feb 22, 2017

8 Ideas for redecorating your bathroom featured image

Bathrooms have become places where we also go to get some peace and relaxation – so many bathrooms double as the home’s “spa” area.

That fact has been leading homeowners to give their bathrooms much more attention decor-wise than they have in the past.

Here are some tips to help you give your bathroom a brand new look:

  1. Choose a themeSince bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the home, choosing a theme could be a fun idea. Since bathrooms are associated with water, you might consider a nautical or beach theme. Whatever you choose, have it reflect your personality. There are many accessories for the bathroom today that will match just about anything.
  2. Use distinctive accessoriesFor instance, instead of hiding all your pretty linens, try displaying them on a wooden ladder. Upcycle a wooden crate to use as storage on a wall or perhaps an old mailbox toilet paper holder. Have fun creating a new look!
  3. Use all nooks and cranniesYou can use all corners for extra shelves. They can be used to store bathroom products, plants, candles, etc.
  4. SeatingIf you’ve got the space, adding a bench that doubles as storage would be a lovely accent and practical, too – a place to both sit and to store!
  5. Fun flooringIf your bathroom is basically a neutral colour, try being a little bolder with the flooring. Colourful tiles might be a fun option. And a heated bathroom floor is even better if it’s in your budget.
  6. Use the unusualJust about anything can be used as a vanity in a bathroom today. That old dresser would impart some real character to a bathroom after being reworked as a vanity. Keep your eyes open for vintage finds. Using your imagination is a great way to get a unique, stylish bathroom.
  7. Accent wallTake one wall and really go bold with it. If your decor is more sedate, dressing up one wall with bright colours and prints will make the rest of the room pop without being overwhelming.
  8. Old meets newUp until recently, clawfoot tubs were cast aside for more modern bathtubs. But more people today want the old-school styling and comfort of a clawfoot while marrying the antique feel with more modern accessories. It’s the best of both worlds!
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