6 Questions To Ask A Builder When Designing Your Custom Home

Apr 18, 2017

questions to ask a builder

The excitement is palpable! You’ve decided to have your home custom built and you know you should have a list of questions for custom home builders.

Here are some queries to help guide you when meeting with new home builders:

  1. How many years have you been building in the area?
    Of course you’ll want to pick a reputable builder from the custom home builders you talk with. They should have been building in the area for at least five years. Builders will have got a feel for important things like landscaping restrictions, property boundaries and values, sewer issues, electrical, gas and such within that timeframe.
  2. Do you help in choosing finishes for the home?
    Custom home builders like Dunpar Homes will guide you when it comes to choosing things like countertops, light fixtures, paint colours, cabinetry, etc. They will be with you every step of the way.
  3. How will you help me stick to my budget?
    Ask the builder who they purchase from and if they get more than one quote. You will want to know your builder is not only reputable, but that they are working with others to help you stay on track money-wise and that they’ll always be in touch with you, letting you know about any changes that may impact that.
  4. What is and what isn’t included in the price?
    There are clear-cut costs like the land purchase, but there are some costs that can fluctuate, such as insurance, permit costs, surveying, etc. You should be able to talk with new home builders about these potential fees.
  5. How long will the build take?
    Ask your builder for an honest answer. You need to have some idea of time. Ask how work is scheduled and how they account for time. After all, custom home builders work with many other subcontractors and time can hinge upon them as well. Make sure your builder has fashioned a written schedule.
  6. Do you trust your builder?
    This issue is HUGE. It is why you must choose a builder with a stellar reputation who has been building in the area for years. You have to like your builder and you have to feel comfortable with him or her. After all, this will probably be the biggest investment of your life.
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