6 Best Home Decor Trends For This Summer

Jun 12, 2017

6 Best Home decor trends for this summer

Giving your living space an injection of fresh summer colour and accessories is the perfect antidote to get rid of the cold weather blahs. Style and decor changes can reap great rewards.

Here are some trends you can look to to make your home even brighter this summer:

1. Colour change
When you see photos of or visit luxury homes for sale, you’ll see there’s nothing better to lift the mood of a room than colour. Here are some popular hues for this summer:

  • Cobalt blue: It’s cool and playful but with a hint of bold.
  • Orange appeal: Orange energizes any space. Even painting an accent wall this colour or adding some throw pillows in a vibrant orange will lift your spirits.
  • Sunspun yellow: Yellow is another cheerful shade that will bring added shine to your room.
  • Candy apple rouge: Red. It’s strong, it’s big and the perfect shade for a dining room. Red accessories paired with more muted shades also spell elegance.

2. Whimsy
Butterfly and dragonfly themes are flying into all spaces for the warmer weather. The motifs can be delicate or pack a punch. You’ll be able to find them on all kinds of pillows and throws as well.

3. Contrasting patterns
Matchy-matchy is so passé this season. Be on the lookout for mix-and-match patterns – circles with stripes with rectangles. In fact, the more mismatched things are, the more on trend your space will be.

4. It’s all faux you
Faux finishes of every kind will be apparent this summer. When home stagers stage luxury homes for sale, they look at current trends, and this one is huge. You will see a lot of use of faux fur rugs and pillows. And builders are even using materials like faux wood for ceiling beams and floors. Faux has a long life and won’t experience rot.

5. Texture
In an age where almost everything is streamlined, texture is making a comeback. In this case, it’s about pleating and folding of fabric. You’ll be seeing more pleated pieces of furniture like sofas, dining room chairs and loveseats.

6. Perfectly private
Open concept living has been popular for some time now, but that trend is changing as more people want private spaces. Home owners are tiring of having their kitchens as part of their hangout spaces. Cooking smells and acoustics have posed a problem. Homes are being designed with the kitchen and dining areas apart from living and family rooms.

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