5 Great Ways To Spice Up Your Living Space

Jul 3, 2017

5 great ways to spice up your living space

If the rooms in your home or apartment have become pretty blasé, there are some great ways to impart some liveliness without breaking the bank.

Dull definitely isn’t delightful, and even the smallest changes like putting up some decals or changing a paint colour will do wonders to spruce up your living space and make spending time at home a joy!

Here are some terrific ideas that will change up the look of your interior, and they will work well in stately old homes or luxury townhomes:

  1. Streamlining the lookDecide what it is you’d like to convey in a particular space. If there is too much happening, the energy in the space can feel overwhelming and jarring. Would you like to convey calming and serene or bold and exotic? Plan on making changes that evoke the feelings you’d like the space to have.
  2. Making the old new againRepurposing things is a very cool way not only to save money, but to put your imagination to good use! For instance, if those old wood soda crates have been collecting dust in the basement, bring them up and create vintage storage boxes out of them, or an old dish rack is great for holding colouring books, while the utensil holder can be used for crayons of coloured pencils.
  3. Rely on rugsArea rugs not only add dimension to a space, but they can also create warmth and set a mood. Whether you love living in a high-rise apartment, a condo, a single family home or a luxury townhome – your home will always look better with rugs. There are so many sizes, shapes and textures that you’re bound to find one that’s perfect.
  4. Resurrect tired furnitureGiving older furniture great faux finishes is all the rage these days. A coat or two of chalk paint will give an old piece a cool distressed look, or you can add a decal to coincide with a theme. There are a myriad of decals available today to spruce up not only furniture, but walls as well.
  5. ArtsyBecome your neighbourhood’s Picasso and hang your own creations in your home. Small and large canvasses can be purchased at craft supply stores. Paint up a storm and make your creation the focal piece of the room. Not only will the space be more personal, but your creation will inspire terrific conversations with guests.
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