4 Townhomes That Showcase Revival Architecture

Mar 9, 2017

4 Townhomes That Showcase Revival Architecture

Those looking to buy a townhome are usually looking for something that not only meets their needs space-wise, but also is a testament to their personal tastes.

Revival architecture is hot with designers right now and buyers are eager to fashion their townhomes in their favourite designs with a twist of the modern. Whether it’s Gothic, Renaissance, Byzantine, Greek, Neoclassical or Romanesque, among others, if you’re in the market to buy a townhome, you’ll want to check out these old world designs with an up-to-date spin.

New Classical or Revival Architecture combines the charm of the past with the function and style of the present. Here are some of the more popular builds in revivalist townhomes:


Renaissance Revival or Neo-Renaissance as it’s sometimes called, encompasses many 19th century styles that mimic Italian styling. If you really want to buy a townhome with two storeys and an opulent staircase that makes a “wow” statement, you might do well to explore this type of design. There are many gothic influences on the Renaissance style as well, so if you’re keen on arched doorways and elaborate fireplaces, you might want to discuss this style with your home builder.


Inspired by the 11th and 12th centuries, Romanesque Revival is not as elaborate as Renaissance or Gothic. This style features more simple designs in terms of arches and windows. Arches are more rounded and soft looking. This style can often be seen in churches of the late 19th century. Any townhome designed with the Romanesque style in mind will still be a true statement home.


The Neoclassical style was popular from 1893 to 1940 (particularly from 1900 to 1929). Think of the style of many homes in the southern United States. Buildings often had pillars and were rather opulent. Townhomes built in this style might feature a columned porch and an entry with a Greek portico above.

Tudor Revival

A Tudor Revival townhome will look to 16th century England for its styling. Seeing a resurgence in the 1920s, this style of townhome will feature a brick or stone exterior, diamond pane windows and perhaps gables that are half timbered.

If you’re looking to have an architecturally unique townhome that pays homage to your most-loved Revival design, talking with the experts at Dunpar Homes is a must. Give them a call today to book your appointment.

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