Spring Cleaning: What To Keep, What To Toss

Feb 26, 2016


Spring cleaning is so bittersweet. Once you’re finished, it always feels to good to have a clean and condensed household. However, while you’re doing, it can be an exhausting and even an emotional experience! Here are a few key hacks to make the experience a little easier.

Cleaning Yoga

Hanger Hack

Turn all of the hangers in your closet facing you instead of the wall. In a few months, whatever clothing items are on hangers still facing the wall, strongly consider giving to charity. These items take up space and serve no purpose other than gathering dust. Plus, they’re preventing you from the space you need to hang new items!


Air Cleaning Plants

In order to keep the air in your home fresh and clean, you can of course invest in an air humidifier. Another great option, is breathing life into your home by getting some air cleaning plants. They add a green flourish to any room, and of course have the added benefit of cleaning the air!


Expiry Extravaganza

There are so many items that we forget have expiry dates. Make-up products, canned goods, medications, and so many more. One essential task is going through your bottles and containers to see what has expired in the past year. These types of things can take up lots of space, and create unnecessary clutter.


Three Box Method

While cleaning out a room or area, use three large storage bins or organize everything into ‘keep’, ‘toss’ and ‘storage’. This will allow you to easily and visually compartmentalize the progress you’ve made in each room.


Drawer Dump

Choose a room and dump out the drawers, and use the ‘three box method’ to ensure that you only have items in there that you need, still use, and actually work! This will save you oodles of space, and make necessary items easier to find when the time come to use them!

Now that you’ve boxed up most of your home in cleaning it out are you feeling inspired to move? If so we have a beautiful Dunpar home with your name on it! Find out more, here.

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