How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

Sep 14, 2016

How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

The seasons are changing, and cooler Fall weather is just around the corner. There are many ways you can prepare your home to deal with temperature and life changes that occur around this time of year. Putting in the necessary preparation will ensure you have a stress-free Fall season, and an easy transition into Winter weather.

Clean the gutters

Leaves and other debris collect quickly in the fall. Remove this debris with a shovel or other tool. You can also pressure wash to make sure you leave a completely clean gutter that allows for a better drainage.

Check windows and doors

Checking for any cracks or damage in windows and doors will help to save you energy costs and keep your home warm during the cool Fall months. As well, this will prevent further damage from changing weather conditions outside.

Check the roof

A build up of leaves and debris on your roof, and possibly snow, could lead to significant damage. Ensuring your roof is in good shape ahead of time will mean you won’t deal with costly repairs in the future.

Frost-proof your pipes

Bursting pipes as a result of cold temperatures could lead to damage to your home’s structure, and could cost you a significant amount of money in the future. Frost proof your pipes with insulator.

Check heating system

Check to make sure your heating system is working properly and that it isn’t bogged down with built up dust from the Summer months. As well, it would be beneficial to remove any furniture blocking the heating system so that you can enjoy a warm home.

Store any air conditioners

If you have a removable air conditioning system, now is the time to find a place to store it for Fall and Winter. It would be best to clean your air conditioner before storing it.


There are many new additions you can add to your home to make it more comfortable and convenient during the Fall season. Consider installing new outdoor lighting to accommodate for darker evenings, add a colourful fall wreath to your front door, and invest in a front-step storage area if your family will be heading back to school to make mornings easier.

Keeping these instructions in mind will ensure you’ve covered all of your bases when it comes to preparing your home for Fall. Changing seasons are a great opportunity to clean house and catch up on your chores, while also creating a great atmosphere in your home.

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