How To Design A Luxurious Space On A Budget

Aug 14, 2017

how to design a luxurious space on a budget

If you’ve got champagne tastes but a pauper’s bank account, there are still ways to create the look of luxury in your home. You have scrimped and saved for that luxury townhouse and now it should look lavish and luscious inside.

There are a number of ways to bring an opulent look to your home without having to empty your pockets. Here are some of them:

Fabulous florals

Fresh flowers create a lovely ambiance in any space and you can usually find them reasonably priced at the local farmer’s’ market or supermarket. If you have a beautiful vase to display them in, even better.

Mix up textures

If you mix and match textures on accessories, it will give your rooms a true designer look. Choose accents like throw pillows and curtains that are made from different fabrics. Be bold and take some risks with the living spaces in your luxury townhouse.

Hang ‘em high

When curtains hang above the natural windowsill line, it elongates the look of the window and makes the ceiling appear higher. Eyes can be fooled by this trick.


There is nothing worse to lessen the look of opulence than clutter. It doesn’t belong in any space that you want to look impressive. Too much of anything can make a place look tacky. Keep the knick knacks to a minimum.

Fresh paint

A fresh coat of paint is relatively inexpensive and can instantly change the look and feeling in a room. If you do it yourself, it will cost even less.


Area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colours and are a terrific way to impart your own style into a room. Area rugs can be the anchor for all other accessories.

Become a Van Gogh

By creating your own artwork for your walls, you will have great conversation starters, show off your artsy side, and save a ton of money on commercial prints and paintings.

Change shades

Getting new lampshades for table lamps is another way to doll up a space. A unique shade could make an otherwise dull lamp shine with new life.

Match containers

Nothing makes a kitchen or bathroom look more pulled together than matching accessories in a bathroom or a kitchen. The look is chic and neat in either of these rooms.

These little tweaks won’t cost an arm and a leg or take up too much of your family time.

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