7 Ways To Upgrade Your Living Room’s Style

Feb 15, 2017

7 ways to upgrade your living room's style featured image

Gone are the days when the living room was referred to as the “parlour” and one of the most formal areas of a home.

These days, most living rooms are places where family members hang out, watch movies and relax after a busy day of work or school.
So, creating an atmosphere that’s conducive to reducing stress and one that’s welcoming – no matter what your personal style – is something your family and guests will appreciate.

Here are some ideas that will give one of the most popular rooms in your home a new look and a new ambience:

  1. Go for a colour changeIf your living room has been sporting the same colour for years, the walls will welcome a coat or two of new colour. There are endless choices today. Maybe you could single out one area of the room and add some wallpaper on the wall. You can be creative on that wall and add a bolder colour or pattern – something you wouldn’t want for the whole room.
  2. New accessoriesOne the easiest ways to make an impact is to get some new pillows and other accent pieces – a new floor vase, a fresh centrepiece or new items for your mantel. Changing lampshades will also really make a big difference in the overall look of things.
  3. New artDown with the old, up with the new. New prints in interesting frames do as much as new paint colour to change the look and feel of a room. Choose prints and paintings you connect with and your living room will get an instant lift.
  4. RearrangeMoving the furniture around, as simple as it sounds, will give the room a new perspective. Doesn’t cost a thing except a little muscle.
  5. New window treatmentsOld blinds, curtains or shades can date a room. Updated window treatments – a Roman shade instead of curtains or horizontal blinds instead of vertical – may be just the thing your windows need.
  6. Bring in some lifeAlthough they aren’t expensive, plants can really dress up a space. They work doubly well by purifying the air. Pretty and practical. If you have the room, a floor plant – like a palm – would be a terrific option.
  7. Reassess the lightingSince the living room is where people want to hang out, chat and relax, severe lighting could put a damper on that. Make sure your lighting source is soft and inviting – this is no place for harsh lighting.
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